Landscape Tips to Improve Property Value

Edmonton Appraisers, Aura Appraisals Inc. say using a lawn mower like this may lead to higher valuations.

A push lawnmower symbolizes lawn maintenance which will provide a higher valuation from Edmonton appraisers, Aura Appraisals Inc.

Landscape Tips to Improve Property Value

When a prospective home buyer arrives at a potential property, the first impression doesn’t come from the beautiful entryway, the stylish front door or the exterior cladding material. The initial impact comes from the landscaping. We humans seem to love well planned lushness.

What’s the diff?

The difference between the value of a properly landscaped property and one which has allowed nature to run wild or where foliage is non-existent, can be up to 15% higher, according to a study by the University of Michigan. Although taste in greenery can be highly subjective, there are still some constants which remain which apply to most properties to increase marketability.

We don’t want wild

As much as we loved the mad, tangled visual diversity of natural flora while camping, hiking and such, around our homes we want order. This means:

Sharp edges between gardens, walkways and lawns

This can be done with a sharp spade to cut back grass encroaching on sidewalks and adding small fence borders and decorative barriers to contain and define the landscaping elements.

Trees and bushes properly trimmed and well away from power lines or other infrastructure.

For maximum safety, hire a certified Utility Tree Worker for foliage growing close to electricity lines or installations. You can find risky trimming expertise through the Professional Vegetation Managers of Alberta website.

Diverse foliage is not as welcome as you’d think

People want more order in their landscaping than nature is known for so limiting how many different kinds of plants are in a landscaping element is vital. You can add some variety with well-placed flower pots which you can take with you after the sale is made.

Un-natural colours not welcome in a natural setting

Thatch for gardens adds a lovely look and makes maintenance easier but avoid bark and other groundcover products dyed in “hip” shades like pastels and other hues which are jarring to the senses against the natural growth. Our brains know instantly pink bark is fake.

Large expanses of lawn don’t need breaking up

There is something deep within the human spirit which appreciates rich, green, massive lawns. Having a beautifully manicured verdant carpet on your property provides a feeling of freedom and even wealth to the residence. Adding other elements to it, bushes or a small garden area, to break up the expanse can actually be counterproductive for making a positive impression. Dead grass is, of course, a liability.

Resodding might be needed but the good news is expert landscaping may be the only renovation investment which returns more profit than it costs. (For other renovation investment returns, check out this Renovation Calculator Tool to see an estimate of how much value various bricks and mortar renovations offer.

Make the first impression last

For a positive, lasting initial view of a home, carefully designed landscaping is essential. If a house has an unattractive landscape palette, prospective purchasers might not even look inside the home. This is not the area to scrimp when selling a home.

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