Residential Move “To Do” List

A moving box full of advice for families from Aura Appraisals Edmonton

Make your move wheel easy!

75 Days Before the Move

Scour the internet looking for a professional, bonded mover with industry connections in the city to which you’re relocating. Use social media such as Yelp and Twitter to see what people are saying about them but remember not all bad reviews are fairly deserved. Select three companies you feel comfortable using and ask for quotes for comparison. Or call a bunch of drunken buddies who will move you for free steaks and beer. Count on some breakage.

Choose a mover and contact them to discuss their various issues including insurance and timing.

50 Days Before the Move

Go over what you forgot to do of the above “to do’s”. Doing them would be good.

Pick a packing day, not too close to moving day to allow for surprise issues, but not too far ahead as regular activities are affected when everything you own is in a box… somewhere.

Begin shedding items which are easier to sell than they are to move or are just more junk among the clutter. Poor, neglected exercise equipment, springs to mind. Local buy and sell sites work great for this.

Start to eat your way down to the bottom of your freezer, tossing out or giving away what you don’t feel you will use up by moving day.

Discuss the move with professionals you use; doctors, lawyers, accountants, etc. Find out if they have affiliate offices in your new area or if they can recommend someone there. Begin the process of selecting new professional service providers in your destination region.

25 Days Before the Move

Go over what you forgot to do of the above “to do’s”. Better hurry up!

Contact your financial institutions, utility companies and insurance provider to have your accounts transferred to locations convenient to your new digs.

Investigate how best to move your pets. If it is a long distance move you must ensure overnight accommodation allows pets. You could also board the animal at a kennel and arrange transportation once you’re settled in.  If you have many, many pets, explore renting an ark.

Begin collecting sturdy boxes. Free is great but bought boxes stack better and are of uniform strength.

Consider buying wardrobe boxes to keep expensive clothing better protected. A Givenchy gown in a mango box from the grocery store is a crime against humanity.

Contact Canada Post and advise them of your move and when you want your mail to begin being rerouted.

15 Days Before the Move

Go over what you forgot to do of the above “to do’s”.  Time is ticking!

Contact your new municipality for information about the community and if your new place is served by Welcome Wagon. It’s important to get acquainted with your new city quickly.  Learning the whereabouts of ark parking may be important to you, for example.

Start saying your goodbyes to friends and neighbours. Consider hosting an open house to bid them farewell but request no gifts as its just more stuff to move. Be aware moving may be a bit scary for kids and they will need a chance to say goodbye to their friends, too.

Five Days Before the Move

Go over what you forgot to do of the above “to do’s”. Hopefully, none are from 70 days ago.

Begin packing items you won’t need before moving day and stack them close as possible to the loading area, such as in the garage.

Drain all gas-powered machines such as lawn mowers, as well as liquid fuel camping equipment like lanterns and Coleman stoves.

Review your travel plans and verify reservations. Sleeping in the car sucks.

Start planning your move by making a diagram of your floor plan and assigning a unique set of initials to every room. Every box should be labeled with the appropriate initials.

Assign plastic totes for bathroom and kitchen items which you will need right up until moving day so they aren’t still all over the house. You will likely need these items shortly after arriving so you might pack them in your vehicle.

Ensure all non-transportable goods go to an eco-station. It is illegal to move dangerous goods such as flammable thinners, spray paint cans and camp fuel.

Good luck and welcome to your new home!

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