Size Matters; Tips for Successful Small Town Living


In our previous blog, “These Cities add the “Great” to “Greater Edmonton”, we explored the diverse satellite cities around Alberta’s Capital Region. But Wait! There’s MORE! There are also tons o’ tiny towns, villages and hamlets in the region which also add a much to the fabric of our province. These minor municipalities sustain the agricultural sector in a major way and form a vital part of the infrastructure which brings food to our tables.

Before we venture to these small but essential communities, however, it is crucial to understand something which may surprise city-folk; small town living is quite different than city life in numerous subtle and unsubtle ways. Here are some tips for a successful switch to a small town.

Small Town Gossip is a Real Thing

With little local media serving these smaller centres, word-of-mouth is the primary method of disseminating information and guess what? Your move to town likely made the news! Cheapskate when the Girl Guides come to your door? People will know. It is much more difficult to be anonymous in these places but there is a huge upside. In small towns neighbours keep an eye on their neighbours’ homes,  enhancing safety and security for everyone.

Being “a Joiner” is Part of the Culture

To be embraced by these close-knit communities, joining local groups is the key to acceptance. Whether you leap into sports like adult slow-pitch, darts or even pickleball (yes,pickleball is really a thing) or gravitate toward a service club like the Legion, Elk or Lions it is vital for meeting the people who will become lifelong friends and associates. Getting the kids involved in local activities is also a terrific way to get to know other parents and widen your social net.

The Smaller the Town, the More Community May Expect From You

Places with tiny populations thrive when they are aware of all the human resources available in their own community. Rather than wait for help from government, small town social groups are totally DIYers and make amazing things happen with whatever skillsets are available in the town. This means whatever talents you may possess, others will find local initiatives for you to apply them to with much appreciation. But beware! If you’re an accountant, for instance, you may be just as quickly asked if you can help with the books for a non-profit group as appearing in the latest production of a community theatre group! Opportunity for stretching your wings abounds in small towns/

It’s Not for Everyone

Many city folk who appreciate their privacy may be appalled at the public nature of small town life. Of course it is possible to live in these places and keep to yourself but then you’re missing out on the best part of the “townie” lifestyle. Once embraced by a community, you feel a sense of belonging hard to find in larger centres. Moving from big to little means far more adjustment than you may imagine but for those who appreciate roots and the respect of their fellow citizens, small town life is a big deal.


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